Public Service Center at Faculty Of Specific Education



It was agreed on some articles and decisions of the Public Service Center Faculty of Arts - Tanta University, which are as follows:-

Article 1:     

  The Public Service Center at the Faculty of Arts - Juma Tanta is a unit of a special nature and has financial, administrative and technical independence. It was established by the decision of the University Council on 25/11/1987.

Article 2: Objectives of the Center:    

 1 - Assist the university in carrying out its mission in the field of student education and training.  

 2- To contribute in the training of individuals in the use of modern scientific and technical methods, education and raising their productivity, especially in the field of education and culture.     

3. To strengthen cultural and scientific ties with other universities and scientific bodies in the field for which the Center was established.      

4- To contribute to the implementation of the needs of the university and its colleges and institutes and provide them with all the research carried out by the Center in all its different fields.    

5- To carry out all the work of the Center for others according to the conditions set by the Center.    

6- Contribute to financial support for student activities and scientific and cultural conferences and seminars.

Article 3: Activities of the Center:     

1- Holding training courses in various human studies such as modern and old languages, library sciences, psychology, sociology branches and computer courses.     

2. Conduct environmental studies.

3. Free studies and training.     

4- Computer unit.

5- Any other activities approved by the Board of Directors.