The project goal

  It aims to create an effective quality system and to qualify seven administrations at Tanta University to gain the certificate of compliance with international standard, ISO 9001: 2008. 

University President and Manager of the Project

Prof. Abdel Hakim Abdel Khalek Khalil

University Secretary General and Executive Manager of the Project

Mrs. Adila Ibrahim Farag

General Manager of Information Center

Representative of the Administration and Vice Executive Manager of the Project 

Mr. Osama Seddik Al-Sayed Mustafa


Target Categories and Beneficiaries of the Project



The General Administration of Education and Student Affairs

               1-    Department of Registration, Study and Exams

2-    Department of Alumni

3-    Department of Incoming Students

4-  Department of Issuing Certificates

The General Administration of Postgraduate Studies

               1-    Department of Registration and Study

2-    Department of Alumni

3-    Department of Scientific Research

4-    Department of Training Demonstrators and the Incoming

The General Administration of Information, Documentation and Decision Making Support Center

                1-    Department of Publishing 

                2-    Department of Computer

                3-    Department of Decision Making Support

                4-    Department of Information and Statistics

                5-    Department of Documentation and Library

The General Administration of Libraries


                1-    Department of Faculties Libraries Affairs

                2-    Department of the Central Library

                3-    Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs

The General Administration of Cultural Relations


               1- Department of Scientific Relations

               2- Department of Missions

               3- Department of Conferences  

The General Administration of Teaching Staff Affairs


    Department of Teaching Staff Affairs               


The General Administration of Organization and Administration


            1-    Department of Organization and Work Methods

             2-    Department of Jobs Arrangement and Manpower Planning  

             3-    Department of Training 




§  Students of first university degree (Bachelor’s and Licentiate degree).

§  Students of second University degree (postgraduate studies).

§  Parents.

§  Teaching staff and assistant staff. 

§  Administrative personnel at target units. 

                §  Supreme Administration at the University and its faculties.   

Objective of the Project

§  Preparation and qualification of Tanta University for quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

§  Focusing on creating an effective quality management system that achieves aims of Tanta University in the first place and fulfills requirements of international standardization of quality systems ISO 9001: 2008.

§  Designing a quality management system according to specifications of ISO 9001: 2008 in a coordinated group of operations to accomplish the following:

1.    Efficiency of application.

2.    Taking into consideration practices and experiences adopted at the University.

3.    Taking into consideration local and regional legislative and legal requirements.  

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