The Center for Research and Engineering Consultations at the Faculty of Engineering


The Center shall have a special budget which shall be in the form of the budget of the public service bodies. It shall start with the beginning of the fiscal year of the State and shall end with its end. It shall include all revenues expected to be collected and expenses to be disbursed during the fiscal year. The budget shall be approved by the Board of Directors. And the 95% of those revenues are included as gross credits in the current usage sections. The total provisions are distributed over the various items within the actual collection of these revenues, You will receive 95% of the actual increase in the allocated revenues after you refer to the Ministry of Finance to study these proposals in light of the objectives set by the republican decisions issued in this regard. The University may transfer surplus proceeds from one fiscal year to another, taking into consideration the provisions of the general and special visas, as well as the financial regulations of these funds, special accounts and units of a special nature.