Blind and Disabled Center

Activities & Services

A) Academic Support

Providing a library for the Blinds to save their books in Braille

Proving recording devices to record their lectures

Proving Braille’s typewriters to type their lectures, in addition to the educational books written in Braille for the students of the center

Providing volunteers to read and record their lectures inside special courts dedicated for them

The Center is devided into courts for recording students' lectures

The center has two Apollo sets for weak-sight students to help them read by themselves

Training students who are eager to use the computer using talking programs.  The Center has provided them with "Ibsar": a program used to help Blinds deal with the computer easily

Preparing special committees for them and providing writers to write for them in the exams

B) Social Support

Providing residence for the Blind and Disabled at students hostels

The center pays residence costs for the blind and disabled students

Providing a financial support for only the blind students from the Ministry of Social Support during their period of study

Providing prosthetic devices needed for the Disabled according to the Supreme Medical Committee resolutions and the administration council of the center

The dedicated microbus of the center transports the Blind and Disabled students from and to the hostels

Preparing entertaining, social, cultural, and sports programs and Trips for those students to make them interact with the society and letting them know its landmarks

A dedicated passage to ease movement for the Disabled

The Blind and Disabled Center, in cooperation with Tanta University, seek to provide optimum caring of the Blind and Disabled students, to help them cope with the society, and participate in developing it.