Agricultural Experiments and Research Center


Areas of Activity

First: In the field of production services and direct selling to the public

The productive Greenhouses of the AERC is the main source of many agricultural products that are marketed directly to the employees in the campus. Our products are scientifically produced under the safe use conditions of fertilizers and pesticides, we also produce many types of ornamental plants marketed directly to the public or used in the university faculties garden landscapes. The center also offers a unique production of natural honey with standard specifications.

Second: In the field of training of students and graduates

The Center organizes many training courses for students and graduates in order to raise the practical capabilities of students and graduates and qualify them for the labor market. The training is conducted under the supervision of specialized professors in addition to external training in expertise of specialists from specialized research centers and some private sector companies distinguished in their fields

Third: In the field of pest control and public health

The Pest Control Unit of the Center provides the service of disinfecting hospitals and public places using the best pesticides used in this field, in addition to providing rodents, snakes, crawling and flying insects control services. Where the unit provides this service to colleges within the university in addition to public and private hospitals