Agricultural Experiments and Research Center


AERC Objectives

Provide the necessary capabilities for experiments and agricultural research and implementation of the university policy in the field of education, training and scientific research

Cooperation with agencies concerned with agriculture to solve agricultural problems and provide counseling and extension services

Cooperation with food factories to solve the problems of food processing and provide consultancy and scientific services

To contribute effectively in the promotion of agricultural production with the help of scientific methods productive activity

Carrying out productive and service work for others

Contributing to the implementation of the university projects within the jurisdiction of the Center

Engage in the practices and tenders announced for the implementation of the activities and specialized work of the Center

Providing land and water analysis and assessment services and land reclamation

Providing pest control services to government institutions, individuals and various bodies

Contributing to the development of field crops, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, landscaping, Production of bee honey, as well as animal, poultry and fish production

The center should be a house of expertise for small projects (producing mushrooms, producing ornamental plants, roof cultivation, etc.)

Contribution to the evaluation of agricultural equipment and production units as well as the design and implementation of irrigation networks

Contribute to the training of members of society through holding training courses in various fields

Provide scientific and productive consultations aimed at solving the problems of society