University cities represent a major pillar of student care that is keen to support, develop and advance them. University cities have witnessed a great development in line with the growth and development movement witnessed by the university in order to accommodate the forced increase in the increasing number of students from year to year and given the important and main role of university cities.

The interest in student housing and nutrition began with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in 1963/62, when housing began in the building of the College of Medicine itself, and the number of resident students and female students staying at that time was 80 students. A building was rented on Mathaf Street, which was designated as a university town for students؛
Due to the increase in the number of students, the university, in cooperation with Tanta City Council, sought to provide a residential park building, and it was inaugurated in 66/1967 as a city for female students. In the academic year 1973/1974, the university rented five residential buildings from the Ministry of Endowments in the Seger area, which was designated as a university city for students. The city of Seager is reserved for female students
In the academic year 1982/81, the city council of Tanta established two buildings in Al-Hikma Street, which was designated as a city for female students, and in the academic year 82/1983, the university established four residential buildings in Sebrabay to accommodate a larger number of students, and they were assigned a university city.
The achievements of university cities continued by adding a large edifice that was added to the entity of university cities by establishing a university city for female students in Sebbay, and it was inaugurated in the academic year 2002/2003 on an area of ​​3700 square meters consisting of four suites containing accommodation rooms for students 206 rooms.
So a large edifice was created in Saberby for nutrition (the central restaurant) in the middle of the city, female students of Saberby, and the city is students of Suburbai, and it consists of several floors for male and female students, and this building can accommodate about 2000 thousand students
It is equipped with the latest equipment for preparing, preparing, cooking and preserving the food needed for students so that meals are served in the best way, and this is in line with what happened at the university in terms of development in all fields,University cities provide cooked meals for students who are not residents of cities and who are enrolled in the faculties of Tanta University in the external restaurant inside the university's medical complex.
And also providing meals for the delegations hosted by the university to study in the Faculties of Human Medicine and Dentistry for Malaysians.
The provision of services to resident students on nutrition has been developed: -
Also, the (external restaurant) provides services to all camps and also the Arab Forum annually to the fullest.
There will be construction and construction of (3) buildings, each building (10) ten floors, which can accommodate (1700 students), in the city, for Suburbay students.
University cities have a board of directors that meets whenever the need arises
The General Administration of University Cities consists of basic departments: Nutrition Administration - Female Students' Cities Administration - Student City Administration - Financial and Administrative Affairs Department - Student Affairs Department, which are basic departments in the cities structure.