Unit-Affiliated Authority ) Public Service Center Faculty of Education - Tanta University

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(Units originating from the Public Service Center and related activities)

Computer Unit
Psychological service unit and the discovery of talented
Digital Design and Publishing Research Unit.
Human Development Unit.
The unit of compensatory education and remedial learning: implements the program of educational and educational rehabilitation for the education and care of children with learning disabilities and disability.
Translation Unit: Translates and reviews all certificates, researches, and more.
Electronic Surveying Unit: It helps students and researchers in the field of education and others to obtain scientific research in the field of specialization and scientific and educational research through the international information network.
Imaging, Printing and Packaging Unit: Helps all individuals at all levels and disciplines (students, faculty, etc.) in the preparation and design of these objects.
Childhood Care and Development Center: Accepts children from the age of two and a half from the employees of the university and its neighborhood.
* The Public Service Center at the Faculty of Education - Tanta University implements the following activities and programs to achieve its objectives:

 Program of integrated training in computer science and technology.
 Program of specialized training in computer science and technology.
 Courses in computer science and its applications and SPSS programs.
 Program for preparing teachers of science and mathematics to teach in English.
 Micit software.
A training course in disability disorders and autism (1).
Advanced training course in speech disorders for the deaf and the hearing impaired (2).
A training course on the use of hearing aids for the deaf and the hearing impaired.
A training course on the use of the most important tools and aids to teach the blind.
 Training course in counseling and therapeutic programs.
A practical course in the application and correction of the Stanford Penny Scale (Figure 4).
A training course in the application of scientific research skills in the field of specialization.
Training course in occupational therapy for people with special needs.
Program of psychometric measurements and learning difficulties.
 Scientific Quotation Detection Program.
Course Design Program.
Human Development Programs (Human Resource Development Preparation of Leadership Preparation Trainer Skills Communication Time Management ......)
Program to rehabilitate kindergarten teacher in artistic activities and scientific skills.
Program for the qualification of English teachers for kindergarten and kindergarten.
Program of rehabilitation of physical education teachers in English.
Arabic Calligraphy Program.
 Program specialized in the science of Arabic language.
 Mastering French Language Skills (DLF).
 Program to develop language skills in French using computer.
 Publication of the scientific journal of the college.
 Issuing the pilot of the bachelor's and graduate studies.