Unit-Affiliated Authority ) Public Service Center Faculty of Education - Tanta University

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Units of the Public Service Center

  • The Computer Unit
  • The Psychological Assistance and the Talents Discovery Unit
  • The Digital Publication and the Designing Unit
  • The Human Development Unit
  • The Remedial Education and Compensatory Education Unit: The Unit implements theRehabilitative Educational and the Scientific Program to educate and care for children having learning difficulties and special needs.
  • The Translation Unit: The Unit translates all certificates, documents…etc. submitted to the Center.
  • The Electronic Scanning Unit: The unit helps students and researchers in the field of education as well as other fields of knowledge to obtain research papers through the World Wide Web.
  • The Photocopying and Encasing Unit: The unit helps all individuals of all levels and majors (students- staffs- others) to prepare and design such items.
  • The Center for Childhood Care and Development: The Center accepts children aged 2yrs – 2yrs, 6months of the University’s personnel and the affiliated district.