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The College of Education participates in a Western campaign against illiteracy

The College of Education participates in a Western campaign against illiteracy
Dr. Emad Etman, Vice President of Tanta University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, announced the launch of a campaign "Western without illiteracy" under the auspices of Dr. Magdy Sabaa, the President of the University, in cooperation with the General Authority for Adult Education in Gharbia, with the participation of the Faculties of Education, Arts, Specific Education, Rights, Agriculture and Trade.
Dr. Imad Etman emphasized that the launching of the campaign "Western without illiteracy" comes from the belief in Tanta University of social responsibility in participating in the national project for literacy, pointing out that the education of our people is a protection for us, and that university students are a key partner in this campaign as they are the pillar of the nation and its future, appreciating their role National vis-a-vis their families, their community, and their homeland, adding that the university started to make an inventory of high-density villages with the aim of helping students and facilitating their access and assistance.
This came in the framework of the honoring ceremony for university students participating in the literacy project organized by the Faculty of Arts, in the presence of Dr. Al-Rifai Mubarak, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Al-Sheikh, Acting Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Masry, Dean of the College, and Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Al Nabayel is the General Director of the General Authority for Adult Education and Literacy in the West.
Dr. Al-Rifai Mubarak said that the students of Tanta University, who number 120,000 students, are able to eradicate illiteracy and eradicate it completely quickly and successfully if each student eradicates illiteracy of 5 individuals, valuing the joint and effective cooperation between the students and social services affairs sectors.
Dr. Mustafa Al-Sheikh called for the necessity of joining all state institutions in eradicating illiteracy, hoping that the day that Egypt celebrates with literacy on the computer like European countries will come.
Dr. Mamdouh Al-Masry said that the university plays an important role in community service, directing its message to students on the necessity of participating in the literacy program and assisting state agencies with each student eradicating the illiteracy of individuals within his village and city.
Muhammad Abu Al Nabeel, General Director of the General Authority for Adult Education and Literacy in the West, thanked the Faculty of Arts for the kind hosting and appreciation to the President of the University, Dr. Majdi Sabaa and his deputies for this step, and he invited students to participate in this campaign.
At the end of the meeting, 12 male and female students who participated in the literacy of 34 students were honored and awarded honorary certificates in addition to a financial amount of 500 pounds (200 pounds provided by Dr. Emad Etman, 200 provided by the General Literacy Authority and 100 pounds provided by the Arabic Language Department in the college) They are Mai Ahmad Fouda, Ayah Muhammad Ibrahim, Reham Bassam Hamid, Marwa Jamal, Muhammad Al-Hinnawi, Maryam Abdul-Shafi, Fathi Sami, Rawda Mamdouh, Hasna Fouad, Wafaa Hassan, Ahmed Hassan, Marwa Imad Al-Din and Rania Maher.
The faculty members were also honored, namely, Dr. Ahmed Abadah, Undersecretary of the College of Arts, Dr. Hassan Rashid, Undersecretary of the Specific Education College for Community Service Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sayed Ahmed Undersecretary of the Faculty of Agriculture, and Iman Raafat Badr, General Coordinator of the Protocols
, And Ibrahim Ibrahim Abu Al Nabail, Director of the Literacy and Adult Education Branch in Gharbiya.
This was represented by the College of Education at the ceremony held by Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Minshawi, Dean of the College of Education, Dr. / Yasser Abdel Rahim, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. / Mohamed Taha, Director of the Adult Education Center, Dr. / Abdul Rahman Amin, Deputy Director of the Center and Dr. / Abdel-Fattah Saad Abdel-Rahman, Coordinator of the Literacy Program, Faculty of Education.