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Seminar entitled "Combating intolerance and terrorism"

Seminar entitled "Combating intolerance and terrorism"
The Faculty of Education, Tanta University, organized a symposium entitled "Intolerance and Terrorism", under the auspices of Dr. Magdy Sabaa, President of the University, Dr. Al-Rifai Mubarak, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Emad Etman, Vice President for Community Service Affairs, and Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Minshawi, Dean of the College.
 Mr. Al-Badawi, deputy head of Al-Ahram newspaper, lectured at the symposium on the concept of intolerance and its types, explaining that intolerance and terrorism are the most important social issues that must be addressed by appropriate means, whether curative, preventive, security, information, legal or societal.
Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Minshawi said that the college is keen to inculcate the values ​​of tolerance in the hearts of students and support all initiatives in the field of promoting dialogue and rejecting intolerance.
Dr. Mustafa Sadiq, Acting Under-Secretary of the College for Education and Student Affairs, pointed out the necessity of national alignment against all attempts of violence by extremists and terrorists, and to support ideas of tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of the other among different groups of society, especially young people.
For his part, Dr. Yasser Bayoumi, Acting Under-Secretary of the College for Community Service Affairs, stressed that this symposium comes within the framework of enhancing the societal role of Tanta University and its strategy to educate students and fortify them against destructive ideas, pointing to the need for civil society organizations to unite to combat intolerance, hatred and terrorism.
The presence of a number of faculty and support staff and a large crowd of students.