Public Service Food Center, faculty of Agriculture

About Center

About Center: 

 The Center carries out many activities and achievements in community service and environmental development, as follows:   -

Organizing free theoretical and applied studies to meet the needs of the society from individuals and bodies in the field of knowledge. - Providing the opportunity to benefit members of the community to the possibilities of the college and its facilities in the literary, technical and applied. 

  • Training the members of society to use modern methods and raise their productivity in various areas of life- Organizing continuing education programs to provide continuous educational opportunities aimed at teaching sectors Of society and the development of its features. 
  • - Preparation and implementation of cooperative education programs in order to provide scientific expertise for the groups of society to work and production through short courses, rehabilitation courses and training courses. - To play an active role in the field of knowledge, culture and environment by holding seminars, conferences, public lectures, exhibitions and workshops focusing on spreading national awareness to serve the environment, reduce pollution, adult education - The Center holds many courses for students in the Faculty of Arts, and these courses are often affiliated to the departments within the college, whether courses in (English - French - Hebrew - courses for library department such as Metadata, cloud computing and file sharing in the environment Electronic, electronic authentication of reference citations, electronic questionnaires, Internet search techniques, computer maintenance, powerpoint, cloud storage software, etc. "- Department of Psychology" Speech, Autism "- Geography," Level, Total Station, GIS ").  
  • The Center translates many certificates and documents from Arabic to English- The Center also works to reserve the halls within the College and the large and small to discuss the letters of the MA and PhD and the holding of conferences and seminars.  
  • - The Center works on reviewing the scientific messages in Arabic and correcting them from grammatical errors and the hundred whether they are letters of master's or doctorate. 
  •  - The Center shall arbitrate scientific research at the College.  - The Public Service Center at the Faculty of Arts sells the College Magazine to publishing houses wishing to acquire the magazine and publish it for the scientific purpose NewsCompletion of the RDA course  * The Public Service Center announces the completion of the RDA course of the Library Department.  * All participants in the course must go to the public service center to receive certificates for the course


. Speech course (Department of Psychology)  * The Public Service Center announces the start of booking in the course of communication of the Department of Psychology.  * The value of participation in the course (200 pounds).  * Those wishing to register must go to the Public Service Center at the Faculty of Arts, the ground floor in front of the Treasury Holding a course entitled (Description of sources and made available by RDA) It was decided to hold a session entitled (Description of sources and availability of RDA) Department of Libraries or other for two days starting from 1/4/2018The subscription value is 50 poundsThose who wish to participate must go to the Public Service Center at the Faculty of Arts for reservations