Scientific and Medical Devices Maintenance Center

The Center Objectives

The scientific and medical devices maintenance center in the university aims to the following:

  1. Maintenance of scientific, medical and home appliances in various colleges and units of Tanta University and university hospitals. The Center also provides services to all bodies, departments and companies outside and inside the university.
  2. Assembly and manufacturing some electronic devices and computers and marketing them inside and outside the university to achieve community service.
  3. Entering tenders and auctions carried out through the university in all fields, with a percentage of the center in these works.
  4. The establishment of training courses for technicians working in the university as well as students and university hospitals, which improves the status of technicians and reduce the faults.
  5. Provide some devices that help to know faults and repair it also, facilitate to determine the faults.
  6. Work on participation and engage in the process of technical consultations at the university and colleges, which contribute to the financial status of the Center.
  7. Work to conclude maintenance contracts with hospitals in the private sector.
  8. Work on expanding the volume of maintenance contracts within the university.
  9. Provide spare parts necessary for the process of reform as soon as possible so that the technician working to complete the work at the earliest time, reducing complaints in the delay to end the faults.