Forensic Medicine Consultation Center

Mission and Vision


The Forensic Medicine Consultation Center


Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


Director of the Consultation Center: Prof. Dr. Iman Mustafa Soliman, Professor and Head of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology


The Center was established by a decree of 18-5-2008 as a special unit



The Forensic Consultation Center is devoted to provide high quality in continuous medical education and training to under and post graduate medical students and professionals in all medicolegal departments- ministry of justice- to ensure competent achievements aiming at fulfillment of community needs for both justice and health care systems.



To make Forensic Consultation Center in Tanta University one of the outstanding centers in Egypt for the service of Justice



1- Contribute to the service of justice and law by being an independent scientific consultation center specialized in providing the necessary forensic medical reports in various legal medical cases, which accelerates judging on cases with the medico-legal aspects formula.


  1. Contribute to the education and practical training to the students of the Faculty of Medicine, recently graduated physicians (House Officers) and others to write primary medico-legal reports, and the correct ways to take and save biological samples.


3- Contribute to raising the level of scientific research in the field of forensic medicine, toxicology and applied forensic medical analysis for specialists and experts in the university and ministries of health, justice and interior.



4 - Cooperation with different sectors of society to combat the problem of drug abuse and contribute to raising the efficiency and performance of citizens.


  1. Creating independent funding resources for research and activities of the department for implementation of the State's development policy.


6- Strengthening scientific and cultural ties with scientific research centers, universities and scientific institutions.


7 - Contributing to the continuing medical education of doctors from all sectors such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and Health Insurance, private hospitals and others, especially those whose work includes medico-legal aspects.




Medical responsibility – disputed paternity - Determination of disability - Examination of virginity - Sexual assaults - Cases of all kinds

Training courses for recently graduated physicians (House Officers) for training on how to write primary medico-legal reports, death certificates and treatment of poisoning cases


Headquarters of the Center

Department of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology, 6th Floor, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University