Forensic Medicine Consultation Center


Consulting Center Resources

1-Fees for viewing case files (600 pound)

2-Reveal virginity without issuing a report (150-300)

3--Reveal virginity with issuing a report (500-1000)

4-Detecting impotence cases without issuing a report (150-300)

5- Detecting impotence   with issuing a report (500-1000)

6-Medical responsibility (1000-20000)

7-Compensation cases (1000-20000)

8-Prove son ship (1000-20000)

9-Counterfeiting and forgery cases (1000-20000)

10-Other cases (1000-20000)

Each case is priced by a committee consisted of three professors who are examining the case in addition to director of the center

-Also fees are paid for holding training courses for house officer doctors to train them on how to write legitimate medical reports and death certificate up to 50 pounds for each doctor

-A check is issued on behalf the medical consultation center from Tanta university hospital and is added to the center' balance