Public Service Center at Faculty of Nursing

Activity of the Public Service Center, Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University

Recent Activities and Achievements:

- Financial support for the 3rd International College Conference, 24-25 / 11/2014

- Financial support for the college graduates' party in 2015

- Financial support for the World Day of Nursing College


Future Activities:

1. A course in quality management and communication skills will be held

2 - Qualifying course for high school students who wish to join the Faculty of Nursing in English language and communication skills in personal interview, psychological rehabilitation and self-esteem.

3 - Work a joint agreement with the Faculty of Science and the College of Nursing to hold courses in the secretarial medical and computer

4- A research center will be completed and activated to assist in writing, reviewing and publishing research

5 - A course will be held for intravenous and muscular injection and the installation of cannulas

6. A course on women and obstetrics will be held