Pharmaceutical Services Center

The Bioequivalence Center has successfully passed the Proficiency test

under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Zaki, President of Tanta University, and Prof. Dr. Nahla El-Ashmawy, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, under supervision of prof. Dr. Fotouh Rashed, Director of pharmaceutical services center, and Ph/ Noha Ahmed Elzawawy administrative manager of the Bioequivalence and Stability Studies Center. The staff of the Bioequivalence Center / Pharmaceutical Services Center had successfully passed the Proficiency test proposed by the "target lab" company accredited by the National Accreditation Council EGAC undergoing the Proficiency test which is considered as one of the most important tests for measuring the efficacy and competence of the bioequivalence centers in terms of the accuracy of the work team and the equipment in the laboratory ch/shimaa abd elghaffar -HPLC ASSAY MSc. sandy Hassan and MSc. Dalia Elmahalawy - DISSOLUTION assay Ch/Sarah Eltamalway- UV assay Ph/Noha Ahmed Elzawawy calculations and inserting the result