Public Service Center at Faculty of Science
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Achievements of a leading role for the Faculty in the excellence of communication and the community participation in development of community-based and the global environmental sustainability

Contribution in the achievement of the Faculty mission to provide consulting scientific services and the qualifying programs for individuals and the institutions, according to study requirements, based on analyzing the local quality standards that can contribute to the achievement of community development plans, including economical and environmental sector

Future vision
First: The Educational process
These steps include
 To increase the Center's potential from laboratories equipped with modern teaching methods in order to absorb the expected increases of trainees from inside and outside the college
 Develop plans for the continuous development of programs for trainees from outside the college and in line with the requirements of the market of real quality for graduates
 To develop future plans for the development of curricula for students of the college in proportion to the levels of new students (six months)

 The inclusion of new qualified elements to the cadres of the center to promote the services provided

 Develop three-year applicable plans (2018-2020) for how to support the Faculty's scientific Departments and to promote the student services provided by:Supporting the special units of the Center in the Departments with the necessary equipment to keep pace with the increasing demand for technical consultations provided by these units to civil society units of all kinds

 Supporting the maintenance of scientific devices in the Departments through the specialized technical staff available to the different units of the Center
 Develop high-quality training plans to improve the level of teaching staff members and supporting staff.Supporting the scientific conferences organized by the departments, especially those that are consistent with the objectives of the center and its services to different sectors of civil society

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