Workshops and Maintenance Uint


  1. Manufacturing 100 chairs with beech backrest for the Faculty of Law
  2. Preparing the council hall of the new building - Tanta University.
  3. Manufacturing chairs, libraries, and multiplexes for the Faculty of Nursing and the Public Service Center, Faculty of Nursing.
  4. Preparing an emergency hospital pharmacy - Tanta University.
  5. Manufacturing wooden student seats for the Faculty of Engineering - Tanta University.
  6. Manufacturing chairs, libraries, confections and teaching rooms for the Faculty of Medicine - International Program, Faculty of Medicine.
  7. Binding of walls and work of countertops in the Faculty of Medicine
  8. Processing the Hall of the University Council
  9. Processing and manufacturing of the monuments of the University Cities Building at Tanta University from chairs,Tables… on.
  10. In addition to many works done in law schools, nursing, pharmacy, engineering and other colleges