The Center for Research and Engineering Consultations at the Faculty of Engineering

Activities and achievements

The work that takes place inside the university campus

            - Works at the Faculty of Engineering, Dentistry and Pharmacy


         - Works at the Faculty of Arts, Physical Education and Rights

         - Works in the Faculty of Medicine, Education, Specific Education, Nursing, Science and Agriculture

        - Works inside the medical complex and compound in Sbrabai

        - The work of university cities and university hospitals.

  Work outside campus

- Works of the Directorate of Housing and Utilities in the provinces of Gharbia and Kafr El-Sheikh

- Works of Al Gharbia Governorate

- Works of the Educational Buildings Authority

- Design and supervision work of the tax office of Basion

- Works of the Roads and Land Transport Authority

- Work of the Directorate of Youth and Sports

- Works related to drinking water and sanitation

- Works of individuals

Some of these bodies have been contracted

 - Draft contract for the contracting work on the design and engineering studies of the projects to be established to develop the stadium Tanta Sport to be converted to an Olympic village and supervision of implementation.

 - Contract of design and supervision of the implementation of the Cooperative Society for construction and housing for workers in university cities and the University of Tanta.

 - Contract for the process of design and architectural designs between the Directorate of Housing and Utilities in Kafr El-Sheikh and the Center for Research and Engineering Consultancy at the University of Tanta.